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not without cheese: garlicky braised cabbage with parmesan


What to do with half a package of coleslaw mix?

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the magic of dehydration: braised napa cabbage with dried shrimp and mushroom

Dehydration is just a fancy saying of dryness.

That’s not gonna be nice in general. If you have dry skin like me, a possible problem might be that it’s not easy to find a foundation that lasts whole day without being flaky, which can be frustrating. Recently, I think I’ve found one; do you?

However, let’s come back to food. To me, dried ingredients sometimes seem more attractive (and easier to store).

Grapes or raisins? Raisin.

Tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes? Sun-dried.

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a rural feast: cabbage, white bean, and sausage stew

Here is something you may or may not know about me. I am obsessed with almost anything old-fashioned/vintage/rustic; for example, retro-style dresses, embellished dinnerware, and T-striped shoes.

How about eating?

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