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baked brown rice with zucchini and sausage


A multipurpose dish.

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for freshness and colorfulness: zucchini, radish, and sweet pepper salad with buttermilk dressing

Last night, after preparing today’s lunch, I found myself out of vegetables but having a quite “positive” supply of buttermilk, my new favorite dairy product.

In between two of my lectures this morning, instead of studying for the coming finals, I was checking what vegetables were in-season in the library.

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a fresh take on panzanella: zucchini, sausage, and garlic whole wheat bagel croutons

“Stay away from bagels! They are all carbs!”

Did you ever hear that before? I did, for many times, especially when I was trying to be less horizontally challenged years ago. But I was quite relieved to learn that there was no need to erase all my memories about that chewy texture from my life.

Of course, here is the bottom line:

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