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linguine with roasted asparagus and sweet pepper in brie sauce


A simple pasta dish that reveals one trick.

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warm asparagus mushroom salad with green onion pesto


It’s here, in my bowl.

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breakfast for dinner: soft scrambled egg with asparagus, sun-dried tomato, and fresh mozzarella

After reading this article (scroll down to the last paragraphs), I decided to give Trader Joe’s fresh mozzarella string cheese a try.

Unwrap+dig in. Then I was hooked.

It is mild while somewhat meaty, and the texture is much softer than low-moisture style but still elastic. What’s more, it yields a creamy and extremely milky aftertaste, just like marshmallow, salted. Plus, the idea of packaging fresh mozzarella as string cheese makes it easier to enjoy than the traditional fresh mozzarella sold in a plastic container filled with water.

It is addictive. I eat it plain as snack, add it to pasta salad, and pair it with egg dishes, such as my dinner today.

soft scrambled egg with asparagus, sun-dried tomato, and fresh mozzarella

Makes 1 serving

1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp EVOO
4-6 asparagus spears, sliced diagonally
1 tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes
1 oz fresh mozzarella, torn into bite-size chunks
low-sodium chicken broth as needed
salt and pepper

Coat a nonstick pan with 1 tsp EVOO and heat over medium-low heat. Add the egg to the pan and lightly season with salt and pepper. Stir and watch carefully. When it just start to curdle, remove from the heat immediately and set aside. It’s better to be under-cooked than overdone.

Return the pan to heat and add asparagus and sun-dried tomato. Stir and season with salt and pepper to taste. If it gets too dry, add chicken broth by tbsp.

When the asparagus becomes crispy-tender, return the egg to the pan and cook for another half minute. Turn off the heat and gently fold in fresh mozzarella. Serve warm.