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brown butter potato soup with chicken sausage


It’s cloudy, rainy, and chilly outside.

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{best by tomorrow} yogurt marinated chicken with mushroom and onion


The title is a little misleading. It should be “chicken marinated in best-by-tomorrow yogurt”.

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raid the fridge: broccoli cheddar frittata


Sunday is for clean-up.

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caramelized onion, garlicy kale, fresh mozzarella: calzone

It’s an outside-in pizza. It’s a savory hand-pie. It’s a homemade hot-pocket. It’s a calzone.

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a pinch of warmth: curried cauliflower with bacon and onion

It was not easy to see why in one Good Eats episode, The Caul of the Flower, Alton Brown suggested that no one in this world understood cauliflower better than Indians. I thought it was the magic of curry.

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