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lunch solution: pea, shrimp, and macaroni


Happy New Year! Huh?

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frozen-tofu soup with peas and omelette

tofu soup

It’s not frozen soup made from tofu. It’s soup made from frozen-tofu.

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individual meat loaf with green pea miso hummus


Pork is juicy and flavorful. Chicken is smooth and mild.

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vegan, occasionally: farro with pan seared tofu and peas

Not in the mood for meat? It happens to me sometimes, especially when heat attacks LA.

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oh, friday + poached salmon with creamy peas

A strange Friday.

It was rainy and, at the same time, sunny this morning.

I had 3 lectures in a row today, and I had to finish a soggy sandwich in 10 minutes on the way from north campus to south. Why? I forgot to squeeze out the water from sauteed arugula before putting them in my waffle sandwich.

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