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brown butter potato soup with chicken sausage


It’s cloudy, rainy, and chilly outside.

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baked brown rice with zucchini and sausage


A multipurpose dish.

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fresh from the market: a bowl of colorful chowder

Last week, I was craving for the fresh chicken apple sausage from Whole Foods. It was sold out.

Yesterday, I got what I wanted and some fresh corns.

Then, I found a bag of fresh English peas at Trader Joe’s on my way home.

That was the whole story behind today’s chowder.

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a fresh take on panzanella: zucchini, sausage, and garlic whole wheat bagel croutons

“Stay away from bagels! They are all carbs!”

Did you ever hear that before? I did, for many times, especially when I was trying to be less horizontally challenged years ago. But I was quite relieved to learn that there was no need to erase all my memories about that chewy texture from my life.

Of course, here is the bottom line:

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a rural feast: cabbage, white bean, and sausage stew

Here is something you may or may not know about me. I am obsessed with almost anything old-fashioned/vintage/rustic; for example, retro-style dresses, embellished dinnerware, and T-striped shoes.

How about eating?

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