revisiting my childhood on mother’s day: poached egg in milk

by Chen

I didn’t think I ever loved it. But it was a part of my breakfast stable for almost every weekday during my elementary years. Why?

This was the most efficient way for my busy mom to serve a nutritious breakfast in a rush: cracked eggs to steamy milk and warmed up some steamed buns or toasts in the microwave while the eggs were cooking. Nothing sounded wrong, right?

IF the egg yolks were broken, then I had some “milky egg drop soup.” Or, IF we were unfortunately out of milk, mom would use dried milk powder. IF she didn’t take extra care of it, which was not unusual for my super busy mom, I would have a bowl of lumps of milk powder. IF mom was super super busy, she even taught my dad how to make this “very nutritious” dish, who always ended up with egg drop soup with lumps of milk powder! Seriously, it was my nightmare.

As I grew up and learned how to make hard-boiled eggs and microwave-steamed eggs, I finally got rid of this wacky combination of two of my favorite ingredients. However, yesterday, when I was thinking of what to post on Mother’s Day, this one came up. Looked like I could hardly get rid of it. Maybe it was not that scary as long as I made it in a more careful way?

So, after more than 10 years, I once again had poached egg in milk for breakfast. It was not surprisingly good taste but cozy enough, and, yes, nutritious. Thanks, mom. At least, it was the super food for girl’s glowing skin.

poached egg in milk
Makes 1 serving

1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1 tsp honey

Crack an egg into a small bowl. Set aside.

In a nonstick small sauce pan on medium-low heat, heat the milk until steamy. Use a spatula to make a whirlpool, then carefully add the egg into milk. When the mixture comes to a gentle boil, cover with the lid and turn off the heat. Let it stand until the egg is done (about 7 minutes for a soft center).

Use a spoon to transfer the egg to serving bowl and pour in the milk. Drizzle the top with honey and serve.