welcome home, school boy + a round-2 recipe: coconut dream milkshake

by Chen

What does teenager+school boy mean? Like my cousin Edgar, he is always starving as long as awake. Sometimes he just grabs whatever “eatable” to him–candies, cheese, or sandwich meat.

Edgar is not a picky eater. He is very clear about the food he like/doesn’t like to eat: there is no seafood or mushroom in his life; he is addicted to cheese, red meat, white chocolate, ice cream, all kinds of noodles, fried rice, etc (anything salty or of strong flavors). After all, anything looks unhealthy to me can fly him to heaven.

To satisfy his craving, I come up with this milkshake, a follow-up recipe using homemade coconut cookies I made yesterday.

It’s healthier, sort of, since I can easily control the portion and the ingredients used, typically the fat contained. It meets Edgar’s criteria: thick, creamy, and loaded with coconut, where the toasted coconut renders deeper flavor. Plus, here is another way to enjoy cookies.

coconut dream milkshake
Makes 1 serving

3/4 cup vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp whatever milk (almond milk works pretty well here)
2 coconut cookies (homemade or store-bought)
toasted shredded coconut for topping
more cookies for serving (optional)

To toast coconut, please read my last post.

Throw all the ingredients except toasted coconut into a food processor or blender. Process until smooth. Sprinkle some shredded coconut on the top and serve with more cookies if needed.